Gold Youth Wand

All Skin Types


With 8,000 micro-vibrations a minute, the elegant and compact Gold Youth Wand firms and stimulates your facial muscles, improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles around your eyes, lips, forehead, and neck. The gold-plated head is T-shaped to stimulate the skin cells through massaging movements, while the wavelength of the gold ions is aligned with your body's natural current to balance your skin's natural bioelectricity therapeutically. (AA battery included).

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How to Use
For the best anti-aging results and health benefits, massage your face with the wand three times a day, for three minutes at a time. Use small circular movements to work upwards, so gravity can assist the therapeutic process. • Face: Using small movements, roll the wand along face and neck in an upward and downward motion. • Eyes: Place the T-shaped head below your eye, and move slowly parallel to the eye-line. When you reach the outer corner of the eye, concentrate on minimizing crow’s feet and fine lines by using stall upward and downward movements. • Forehead: Roll the wand gently across the forehead, using an upward and downward motion. Pay particular attention to the "smile lines" on your forehead. • Neck: Starting from the base of the neck, move upwards towards the jawline using the same upward and downward motion.


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