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Our Philosophy

Harnessing the power of natural and clean ingredients, we aim to provide world-class formulas that gently exfoliate, hydrate, and deliver vital nutrients deep into the layers of the skin. This basic philosophy rings true for all our products; however, we also work to ensure every formula is adjusted to address various skin types and concerns.

Multi-Tasking Formulation

You work hard — so should your skincare! Our products are specifically formulated to multi-task. While they’re all created with a baseline formula, each is enhanced with specific ingredients to address certain skincare concerns. Not only do these products deliver outstanding hydrating benefits, but also anti-aging solutions to address wrinkles, pigmentation, and texture concerns.

Our Craftsmanship

We care as much about the craftsmanship of our products as we do their performance. We’re able to enhance the Power of every formula with high-quality raw materials and proprietary processing techniques, producing incredibly potent and effective results.

Holistic Beauty, Innovative Technology

At Terre Mere, we believe strongly in the balance between holistic beauty and new technology. We leverage natural ingredients that drive results in the long-term, targeting the roots of common skin concerns, not just the surface. Ultimately, our products lie at the intersection of nature and innovation: unique formulations that obey the laws of nature and leverage the latest advancements in modern technology. This approach goes beyond just our formulas and applies to our packaging, too — we believe beautiful, luxurious packaging doesn’t need to come at nature’s expense!

Terre Mere stands committed to our brand pillars: transparency, clean formulas, and conscious beauty. What’s toxic to Earth is toxic for humans, and vice versa. That’s why we’ve banned more than1,600 ingredients that threaten the health of your skin, the environment, and the welfare of animals.

Clean for You

In its 80 years of existence, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned only 11 additives for cosmetic use. That means that, even if an ingredient isn’t listed as toxic by the FDA, it could still pose serious health consequences when applied topically. To ensure this never happens in our products, we’ve researched and banned a long list of ingredients that are known to disrupt hormone function, contribute to major organ toxicity, and even cause cancer.

Clean for the Planet

Conventional cosmetics send toxic runoff directly from our bathroom drains into our oceans. That runoff devastates marine ecosystems, disrupting the essential functions of aquatic life and re-entering the human food chain. But as manufacturers and consumers, we can choose to change this destructive cycle and keep harmful toxins from entering our bodies and waterways, which is why we never put toxic chemicals or pollutants in our products.

Click here to view a list of the ingredients we banned

Why Glass?

Terre Mere prioritizes glass product packaging for a few reasons, the first being that glass is 100% recyclable. It is a truly sustainable material, given that it can be recycled endlessly without ever suffering a reduction in quality. Plastic, on the other hand, isn’t always recyclable — and even if it is, its quality degrades each time it’s recycled. What’s more, glass is nontoxic, so even if it does end up in our landfills, it won’t poison the soil or water like plastic does.

Changing the Status Quo

Together, we can leverage the power of consumer spending to change the world. While individual actions are a crucial step in this journey, we believe it’s up to us (the manufacturers) to share in the responsibility of changing behavior. That’s why we’ve pledged to use 90% recycled glass (the maximum amount possible) for all of our product packaging by 2023. Not only will this minimize environmental impact, but will also create larger demand for recycled glass, spurring incentives for recycling facilities to up their operations.

Closing the Loop with Recycled Glass

Glass is derived from natural materials, sand being the most prominent. Unfortunately, the world is running low on sand — and to make matters worse, humans use more sand than we do oil.

Not only that, but harvesting new sand requires the use of fossil fuels, disrupts natural ecosystems and makes communities more susceptible to erosion and flooding. That’s why we prioritize recycled glass, which not only conserves natural environments, but requires less fossil fuels for production.

Terre Mere’s Commitment

We pledge to create the most sustainable, environmentally-conscious products possible. Using recycled, natural materials for our product packaging, we pledge to never engage in processes that harm the atmosphere and marine ecosystems.

See Terre Mere’s Action Plan:


When Terre Mere launched eight years ago, we became one of the first vegan skincare lines to enter the market. Back then, we believed that we could create high-performing formulas without harming animals. We still believe that to this day.

An Innovative Approach to Vegan Skincare

Non-vegan ingredients are commonplace in the cosmetics industry. You don’t have to look very far to find ingredients like shark liver squalene, insect dyes, and natural silk proteins in certain products. And while we do know that some animal-derived ingredients benefit the skin, we’ve conducted top of the line research into their vegan alternatives — so you can have clean beauty without compromising quality. What’s more, we strive to go beyond the conventional, introducing innovation to the vegan skincare arena like never seen before.

Our Pledge

Terre Mere is a 100% cruelty-free brand. Our products are never tested on animals, and we never work with raw material suppliers who test on animals, either. Additionally, we will never sell our products in countries that require animal testing as a prerequisite. We are proud to be a part of PETA’s “Global Beauty Without Bunnies” program, a list of companies in the U.S. that meet a gold standard of cruelty-free products.

Terre Mere is not only committed to researching and developing cruelty-free, vegan formulas, but also in furthering education on the latest industry news on our blog (stay tuned!).

Giving Back to Planet Earth

Tons of packaging waste ends up in our landfills every year. Given our position of influence in the skincare arena, we aim to act as educators to inspire change in human behavior, putting an end to the cycle of pollution.