Get Your Beauty Sleep:

5 Pre-Bedtime Rituals For Glowing Skin
Get Your Beauty Sleep:

Getting good sleep is one of the most well-known secrets for glowing skin. And while squeezing in eight hours of shut-eye per night is definitely important, healthy skin requires more than just good sleep. It also requires a pre-bedtime routine, one that protects and rejuvenates your skin for the day ahead. 

Nighttime is when your skin is able to rest and recuperate, repairing any damage it endured during the day. As a result, you’ll want to give your skin everything it needs to enhance this process —, a pre-bedtime ritual ensures you’ll wake up looking fresh and flawless. 

Here are five simple, effective skincare rituals you can do right before bedtime. 


1. Massage it out.

    Like the rest of your body, your face deserves a good massage. Facial massages work to de-puff and sculpt areas on your face that may be showing signs of stress or aging. They’re also a great way to promote lymphatic drainage, a type of massage that flushes toxins from the bloodstream and into the lymph nodes, where they’re promptly destroyed. 

    Facial massages are best performed with oils or creams. You can use your fingertips or find tools to help you out, such as a Gua-sha stone or a facial roller, to conduct a facial massage. If you’re looking for an added oomph to your massage routine, Face Gym has a great lineup of products that can help you achieve the perfect facial massage, such as contouring tools, facial workout devices, and micro needling rollers. 


    2. Put it on Ice

      After running a marathon, athletes sometimes dunk themselves in a cold bath full of ice. That’s because the shocking cold helps prevent swelling and muscle breakdown, keeping those muscles and joints fresh and healthy. By putting ice directly on your face, you can get those same benefits — without running 26.2 miles! 

      Before going to bed, take an ice cube or ice roller and rub it gently along your face for two minutes. Applying ice to your face nightly will continuously contract the blood vessels and pores in your face, effectively soothing acne, inflammation, fine lines, and puffiness around the eyes. 

      This is an especially handy tip in the summer when our pores expand due to the heat. Ice will help them contract and therefore block out the entryway for pesky pathogens that cause breakouts. Be sure to ice after cleansing, but before toning and moisturizing. 


      3. Protect your Pillows

        You know your bed is super cozy, but unfortunately, breakout-inducing bacteria think so, too. As you sleep, your face makes constant contact with your pillow, giving those bacteria easy access to your pores. 

        Keeping your pillowcases clean with a few spritzes of an anti-microbial spray can keep those breakouts at bay. The sprays are typically made with natural antiseptic agents, like tea tree oil and lavender, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a concoction of chemicals at night. 


        4. Swap moisturizer for night cream.

          While moisturizers are effective, you’ll get more out of a night cream if you use it before bedtime. That’s because night creams are generally thicker than moisturizers and are meant to hydrate your skin throughout the night. They’re also fortified with active ingredients, like facial acids, that nourish the skin and aid its natural repair process. Moisturizers, on the other hand, are meant for lightweight wear throughout the day, so they’re not formulated with those same skin-saving ingredients. 


          5. Don’t forget your lips!

            It’s easy to replenish the moisture in your lips with chapstick during the day. At night, however, they’re prone to dryness. Applying a moisturizing lip mask or balm before bedtime will keep your lips plump and hydrated throughout the night!